In The Beginning…

Like most of you, we purchase, play, and work on personal devices every day and night. Also like many of you, we scroll through websites and apps while in our kitchens, bedrooms and even our closets.

A few years back we were shocked to learn that computer hacking in which every day users--most often women and girls--are observed without their knowledge through the cameras on their computers and mobile devices, is not only possible, but common. Our concern became not if someone is watching us; but how much they are seeing, recording, and exploiting us without our knowing.


Wait, What?

So we started looking around. We noticed that technology is increasingly a part of in our lives, bringing with it new capabilities but also new hassles and risks. We’re most often asked to just deal with the inconveniences or accept the risks as part of adopting new devices and tools. We don’t think it has to be this way. Technology should fit into our lives and not the other way around.

LEE LONDON does just that – make technology fit our needs, rather than adjusting our lives to the hassles of awkward, frustrating, or not welcoming products.



Our products are designed to give you more control, to make your life easier, and to express yourself through designs that are compelling, playful and at times, even witty.  Starting in 2017 and based in Chicago Illinois, LEE LONDON designs, develops, and provides technology solutions that fit your needs - empowering you to use technology the way you want.